Encouraging healthy food choices for a lifetime.

We don't stop with simply providing delicious, nutritionally balanced meals. Our goal is to bring basic nutrition education into the dining room setting, creating a greater awareness for a lifetime of healthy food choices.

"What's On Your Plate?" is a curriculum-based, hands-on workshop taught by our Registered Dietitian. It takes children on a tour through the food groups, portion sizing and the role these items play in overall health in a fun and visual way.

Additional food education opportunities include classroom visits from our local farmers, food days highlighting specific food groups and interactive nutrition education. Also, we find unique opportunities to connect the food source to the school lunchroom by facilitating seasonal farmers markets at our schools.


Education at LREI.

We would like to play a role in building a foundation for the children to help them understand the role a variety of nutritious food plays in their well-being and continued good health. Ultimately, on a daily basis the children will make their own food choices, but exposure to good and healthy choices both at home and in the school setting will open their selection to experimentation with new and unique foods.